Forklift Service

About us

Rasa was established in 1986, Our business includes forklifts rental, maintenance and accessories. To provide a variety of equipment solutions.

Second Hand Equipment

Second-hand forklift trucks provided by Rasa ,Such as diesel, LPG forklifts with fully check and repair, to ensure equipment performance.


2008- Crown
2008- Power Gen
2014 – TCM
2014 – EP


We offer a wide range of forklift rental services, customers can choose a monthly yearly rental plan as needed, including our professional maintenance and accessories supply.


We understand the needs of the market, we have more than 3000 various brands of forklift accessories.
No matter what model, brand, year, all can be found at Rasa.

Also General repair parts, shovel mouth, seats, refurbished engines, gearbox and other components can be provided


Our professional maintenance team provide complete maintenance and technical support services at competitive prices.