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JMG Lifter Cranes

JMG has been manufacturing electric cranes for 30 years. It selects the best components on the market, uses the most modern production processes and ensures global assistance services and spare parts. JMG electric cranes are compact in structure, high in performance, safe, easy to use and use. Long life and low operating cost.
JMG means quality, and producing cranes is an art for us. We will study your problem in detail and tailor a solution for you.


The lifter range features an innovative steering system that guaranting agility, precision and simultaneous movements.

華利機械Rasa-Lige cabin cruise.jpg

The “Lige” range is made up of electric battery-operated Pick&Carry cranes, designed to guarantee agile and precise performances even in narrow spaces.

華利機械Rasa-Radio Remote controlled無線電遙控.jpg

The range of radio remote controlled cranes is designed to perform optimal manoeuvres in narrow spaces.

華利機械Rasa-Carry deck Cranes.jpg

Their articulated telescopic boom makes them ideal for carrying out industrial maintenance. Compact and powerful, easy to manoeuvre, they guarantee very high precision movements.

華利機械Rasa-Cabinate Cabin Cruise.jpg

The “Cabin-Cruise” range meets the needs of those who want to control the machine directly without giving up the possibility of remote controlling through radio-remote control.

華利機械Rasa-Telescopic forklift.jpg

Compact and easy to handle, the telescopic forklift is designed to integrate the 8 ton hydraulic fork and the 12 ton max capacity.

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